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ColinWelcome to my website, a site which is all to do with the good news of the Kingdom of God - about the Lord Jesus Christ, His Church, His Second Coming and His Kingdom Reign to come. I try to share some of what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us over the years with recent additions that speak of the times we are now in as the End of the Church Age draws near. My website contains the text from different booklets that I have written as well as other understandings that I believe the Lord wants His Church not to be unaware of. The booklets have been written over the last seventeen years or so, each one being prompted by a particular situation or circumstance. Each one is to do with trying to understand something more about the Kingdom of God. This site is primarily for Christians but please feel free to read on if you are seeking to know something of what this life is really all about and what is now unfolding as we draw towards the end of this age.

My hope is that this website will help the reader understand something of what lies ahead. As the end of the Church Age gets ever nearer perhaps this website does not need to be continually enlarged upon, the earliest sections of the website being as important as the latter. I hope the reader might find it useful to return by way of reminder.

Soon we will find ourselves walking in that which was once spoken about as being future. Then perhaps the contents of this website might give explanation to unfolding events.

Trying to understand is impossible without it being the Holy Spirit who gives us understanding. We can intellectually understand a thing but to truly have spiritual understanding, this only comes from God. So I pray that those who read may look to 'the' Teacher, the Spirit of God, who alone can open our eyes to see and give us ears to hear. He alone will take from these writings and confirm what is from Him. May the Lord bless you as you read.

A Little About Myself

I live in Swarthmoor, in the North West of England and I am married with three adult children. I became a Christian in 1978 when God, by His Spirit, gave me new life in Jesus Christ. I do not represent any denomination. Since 1978 I have been on a journey, endeavouring to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and aware that God has a plan and a purpose that impacts on us all. I know that it is possible for every man to hear His voice for "the true Light... enlightens every man that comes into the world," (John 1:9). Jesus said, "I say to you, ask and it will be given to you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened to you, for everyone who asks, receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it shall be opened," (Luke 11:9-10). This I can say is true and is my experience. A site like this, therefore, is not to try and persuade, but hopefully be used by Him as a tool to help others see and hear.

Who Is Leading The Church?

"Who Is Leading The Church?" is the title of the first booklet that I wrote back in 1994. It began as a letter to a Polish girl who was staying with us at the time. She could not understand why we were not in any denominational church yet spoke of the church as being those who believed in Jesus Christ, the church being His body - the people. Some years before, I was privileged to be one of a small group who began to ask the question, "What is wrong with the Church?" What the Lord began to show us had us questioning all we were doing, driving us into scripture to check out what we were hearing, and realising the problem was in fact in us! It was all the Lord had shown us that I poured out from my heart into that letter. As far as I recall it was written in one session - it just flowed.

Our Polish visitor still didn't seem to understand but I was encouraged by a close friend with whom I shared what was written to turn the letter into a booklet and have it printed. So it was I gave a few copies away and somehow this caused others to ask for a copy or copies. Most requests, to my amazement, came from the USA. Soon I had run out of the first run of 1000 that I had had printed and I had to have more done. It seemed they got to places that I would never have imagined. One day I had a request asking if I minded it being translated into Spanish and some time later was told it had been gladly received in Peru! Since then, to my knowledge, it has been translated in Greek, German, Polish and even Urdu.

Above all, what has blessed me to know, was that it had confirmed to others what the Holy Spirit was already telling them. I realise that for some it is too radical perhaps but I believe it is only what can be found in scripture. So it is I would encourage the reader to not quickly discard what you read but ask the Lord to give you spiritual understanding whilst being aware that it must conform to the scriptures He brought forth through men moved by His Spirit.

The answer to the question, "Who Is Leading The Church?", of course, should be "Jesus". That in reality He isn't, is a tragic fact. If you want to know more go to the Booklets section. There are translations in German, Polish, Urdu, as well as English available to download.

God's Plans and Purposes

Scripture itself says, "For the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets," (Amos 3:7) Much of this website is to do with the prophetic, regarding what lies ahead in God's plans and purposes. Hopefully this website will build up a picture of that which is to be found in scripture and which God is now revealing by His Spirit. My prayer is that this website will be a help to all who find it.

It is essential that we begin to see things from the Lord’s perspective if we are to walk in those plans and purposes He has ordained and help Him build. Sadly men have strayed from these plans and purposes and replaced them with their own agendas, substituting the goal of the Kingdom of God by their own kingdoms. Without realising it they move away from the Spirit-led walk and from scripture. In reality the flesh has prevailed over the Spirit. Men may have sought for good things but not that which has eternal value. Rather than looking towards the city of God they have sought a different city, a city of the here and now.

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

In our modern times we have reduced the gospel to mean a gospel of salvation only, but without the message of the Kingdom, we are left with insufficient truth to overcome the enemy. Our spiritual development is forever limited and we are exposed to the divisive works of Satan. The gospel of the bible was always the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Over the centuries the emphasis of the Kingdom message was distorted and blurred so that the gospel became a message of salvation that offered eternal life in heaven and escape from hell. The Kingdom of God came to be equated with heaven, or at best the future reign of Christ upon the earth. The message was divided so that “the gospel” was for today, but “the Kingdom” was for the future. This is not the message proclaimed by Jesus and His disciples, who preached “the gospel of the Kingdom of God.”

It is the "gospel of the Kingdom", however, that shall be preached in the whole world as witness to all the nations before the end of this age will come. So it is, as this day draws nearer, that the understandings of this website and others like it will become more and more important, but it must produce a walk by the Spirit in those who hear. My prayer is that this website might help many find the King and the reality of His rule.

On this website my desire is not to persuade but rather to share what I believe the Lord has disclosed. May He confirm what is of Him. So please read on.

A Conclusion But Not The End

As I write this, world events are unfolding that point to that which Jesus told us would indicate that the end of this age is drawing near, events this website has pointed to and endeavoured to explain. So it is I feel it time to draw this website to a close as regards adding new content, although the website will continue. As God’s plan and purpose continues to be fulfilled and unfold I do not consider this website is required to comment on future events. The Holy Spirit will do this as we look to Him for spiritual understanding.

From the beginning of my walk with the Lord, as part of my growing in a knowledge of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, He has always encouraged me to take serious note of prophecy, and pointed me to the end of this age and beyond, to the eternal purpose of God that this age and the next will lead to.

The good news of the Kingdom of God, that tells us of the victory Jesus has already won through His death and resurrection, must include an understanding of God’s purpose all mankind - the prophetic. This website endeavours to share something of this.

I have shared revelations on this website that tell us something of the marvel of salvation and the victory that can be ours in Jesus Christ. I have also shared something of what the Bible tells about the conclusion of this age, and the ones to come.

In my walk with the Lord He has brought many prophetic words and increasing spiritual understanding along the way, often confirmed by experience, and many of these are shared on this website. But as the twenty first century began, in the year 2000, a prophetic word came to those I am close to in the Lord, that from 2021, the world as we had known it would not be the same, and coming later the Holy Spirit added, that the events that would then begin to unfold would lead to the very end of the age!

Like all prophecy this is to be weighed and must also comply with scripture. Perhaps not obvious to all, we see the very fulfilment of this ‘word’ unfolding. Like a domino rally it seems events have indeed begun to take place from that time, one after the other, that appear to be leading the world to the prophesied end of this age.

God has shared with us, through prophecy of scripture found in the Bible, His foreknowledge of what is to come, telling us the end from the beginning. God does not wish His own to be ignorant of His plan and purpose for mankind, and His desire for all men to be saved. He has given His Holy Spirit as our Teacher not only to lead us into all Truth, but also to tell us of things to come, none of which will contradict His written word.

On this website I have endeavoured to share what I and others have been taught and told by the Holy Spirit, not to try to persuade, but perhaps help those who are seeking to understand and walk in God’s will, knowing the Holy Spirit will bear witness to what is of God.

Events now unfolding in the world have entered a time of tribulation that appear to have no political solution, events that Jesus said would indicate that His return was getting near, events that would lead to the greatest tribulation, that Jesus said would be greater than anything the world has ever seen. (See Matthew 24:21) Men might long for and cry, “Peace, Peace,” but there will be no peace, for it will take the return of Jesus before that time comes.

But before Jesus returns, the true church which is His body, must arise and be freed from the spirits of antichrist that have always sought to prevent the saints walking in the fullness of the victory that her Saviour won for her, preventing her functioning as she should.

The true church has yet to come to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a mature man, unto the stature of the fulness of Christ, (See Ephesians 4) for it will be through the true church that the gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world, leading to the final great harvest of this age, a multitude from every tribe, tongue, nation and people coming into God’s Kingdom.

On this website I have shared revelations received by different believers over the last four centuries, revelations that came as the church, the body of Christ, began to break free from the spirits of antichrist that were evidenced and spoken of by the first apostles.

Although I feel it is now time to conclude the input to this website, the website will remain, as long as God wills, for the content will continue to be fresh manna and essential understanding for many yet, I believe, just as it has been for myself. Jesus said that He would build His church and the gates of hell - the strategies of Satan - will not prevail against her. (See Matthew 16:18) So, as regards understanding future events let us continue to look to the Holy Spirit as He leads us onward.

Although I do not intend to add more content my contact details will remain. (See below)

This conclusion is therefore only to announce the website will not be enlarged. I believe it is the beginning of the end of the age, and events will unfold that will agree with and conform to all that is prophesied.

Jesus said, “Watch the fig tree (Israel) and all the trees (nations).” Explaining that as we see events unfold, we will know the season of His return; “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that the coming of the Son of Man is near, right at the door.” (Matthew 24:32-33)

The end is beginning!

Colin Winfield - 2023


If you have any questions or queries please write to me at and I will try and answer as best as I can and if you have any comments please feel free to pass them on.