Tommy Hicks Vision

HodeTommy Hicks was an American evangelist in the 1950’s. He was the house guest of Demos Shakarian on 26th December 1952, the night that God gave Demos the vision which was to see the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship begin to grow under the Lord’s hand. On this same night Tommy Hicks was told by God to go to Argentina to preach the gospel. Something he did some years later after much prayer and preparation.

When Tommy Hicks first arrived in Argentina he went to see if he could meet President Juan Perón. A government official refused Tommy Hicks permission, but as this official walked away Tommy noticed that he had a limp and asked what was wrong. The official explained that he had had terrible pain in his leg for many years. Tommy asked if he could pray for him, and subsequently commanded the pain to leave ‘In Jesus Name’. The man walked away but suddenly stopped, realizing he was healed! He told Tommy Hicks to return twenty-four hours later and he could see the President. 

When Tommy Hicks had an audience with President Perón, the President told him of a severe skin complaint he suffered from. Tommy Hicks prayed for this too, and Perón was instantly healed! So he gave permission for Tommy Hicks to use one of the large stadiums for his crusade.

It is, supposedly, one of the biggest evangelistic events ever known. Over a period of several weeks more than six and one half million people heard the gospel. Many thousands gave their lives to Jesus. One afternoon, whilst preaching on Peter’s shadow, Tommy Hicks’ shadow fell across those with severe physical disabilities, those on crutches and in wheelchairs, and even some on stretchers. They were being healed! As they began to shout the whole arena erupted. Many healings accompanied this amazing event.

Tommy Hicks received a ‘prophetic vision’ in 1961. This ‘vision’ gives us insight into the end time ministry of the Church that will occur in a time of great tribulation but which will coincide with the Church’s most victorious hour. It is a ‘vision’ which also conforms to Scripture.

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